Jimtown Kennels
"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life" - John 3:16

Proud Owners

Dan & Gloria DeVibiss

Female Chocolate Labrador

Wayne Bietz – July 2016

Female Chocolate Labrador

Jeff Keester & family – July 2016

Female Chocolate Labrador

Tony Lillard – July 2016

Female Chocolate Female

Siegle – August 2016

Image of Man holding Female - Brindle English Bulldog Puppy from Jimtown Kennels and woman standing beside him.

Angeline Curtis

Image of Couple and young girl with their black lab puppy from Jimtown Kennels

Michael Toyne & family

Image of smiling woman and smiling man who is holding his new English Bulldog Puppy from Jimtown Kennels

Elizabeth Borchers & Spencer Brothersen

Image of Woman named Tara sitting in a chair holding an English Bulldog from Jimtown kennels with a child on each side of her

Tara Peeters & family

Image of Woman kneeling on floor with new English Bulldog Puppy between her legs purchased from Jimtown Kennels

Deb Wilkerson

Image of sitting woman with her new English Bulldog Puppy on her lap from Jimtown Kennels

Allison William

Image of Man holding new bulldog puppy from Jimtown Kennels

Laethan Teel

Image of man sitting in chair holding an Englsh Bulldog Puppy with Woman standing behind chair and child standing beside man in chair

Julie Banks & Wesley Orth

Image of standing woman next to standing man holding new English Bulldog Puppy purchased from Jimtown Kennels

Emma Shipley & Cole Kruse

Image of two standing women with man in background. Woman on left is holding her new English Bulldog Puppy from Jimtown Kennels

Katie Bellas

Image of Beth Shonhart with her new English Bulldog Puppy from Jimtown Kennels

Beth Shonhart

Image of Man standing holding his new English Bulldog Puppy

Aaron Tieskoetter

image of a woman holding a cream female labradoodle .

Hilary Pospisil

Women setting in chair holding black labradoodle with man kneeling beside her.

Dan & Gloria DeVibiss

image of couple with wife holding brindle male English Bulldog puppy

Linda & Joel Mason

Image of family with cream female labradoodle with women holding puppy..

Brandi Phanthouvong & family

Image of man and woman holding male brindle English Bulldog with man standing beside her.

Tenna Sylavong & Ja’Korey Walker

Image of woman setting in truck on passenger side holding dog with man standing beside passenger door holding black female labradoodle.

Dave Johnson & Anne Stratton

image of Dad and Mom with son holding cream male Labradoodle and twin girls holding black male Labradoodle.

Proud Family with two doodles

image of man standing by women holding male French Bulldog.

Mr. & Mrs. Schmidt

Black female Labrador puppy

Larry Nieujen

Yellow Labrador Puppy

Dawn Zurmuehlen

Yellow female Labrador puppy

Nathan Francy

Female Black Labrador

Keith Fuller

Black Labradoodle

Anderson – June 2016

Black Females

Nancy Caviness – June 2016

Black Male Labradoodle

Hanna Alter – July 2016

Black Pug - Montana

Wendy Schulte – August 2016

Fawn Pug

Caresa Evans – August 2016

Fawn Pug

Barb Coffman – August 2016

Black Pug

Barb Harnowski – August 2016

Fawn Pug

Jessica Murray – August 2016

Male French Bulldog

Steve Wisdom -Sept. 2016

Female Cockapoo

Julie & Family – August 2016

Female English Bulldog

Mark Janecek Sept. 2016

Female English Bulldog

Bozena Poskarz Sept. 2016

Two Female English Bulldog puppies

Chase & Jennifer Gibb    Sept. 2016

Female English Bulldog

The Rodriguez Family: Sept, 2016

Cream Female Labradoodle

Kacey & Abigail Reid – 2016

Black Female Labradoodle

Jeff Keen – 2016